September Beekeeping in the East Bay!

Posted by Jennifer Radtke on Sep 9th 2018

Hi Beekeepers & the Bee Curious!August through October in the Bay Area is the hardest time of year for the bees. It is the most important time of year to be inspecting and making sure your bees ar … read more

Bee Questions: Mites, Queen Loss, & Ants!

Posted by Jennifer Radtke on Aug 9th 2018

Hi Beekeepers!August through October is the most stressful time for bees in the Bay Area. It is critical to inspect every two weeks and mite test. If you are going out of town for 2-3 weeks, inspect … read more

July Beekeeping in the East Bay

Posted by Jennifer Radtke on Jul 13th 2018

The food supply starts to decline in July. Less food available and warm weather encourages robbing. On hot days when you can smell your hive across your yard, so can bees from other hives. They are … read more

Bee Questions Answered - June 2018 - Swarms, Splits, & More!

Posted by Jennifer Radtke on Jun 15th 2018

Thank you for submitting your questions! Email future questions to: askjenniferbee@gmail.comHere are a few questions with answers...SWARM QUESTION:My Randy Oliver nuc just swarmed! Yesterday, the … read more